Follows her dreams Loves cherries and bananas
Does exactly what she wants
Doesn’t care what other people think about her
Is smart
Is always happy
Is loved
Inspires you
Loves rainbows, unicorns and bubble gum
Is funny
Is a little crazy
Drives you
Challenges you



Teaches, Coaches, Facilitates and Trains you towards Happiness
Is a Psychologist and really into it
Loves good food
Motivates you
Is a Psychology and Communication Tutor
Worked for years in Sales and Marketing
Is passionate about Happiness
Is an entertrainer
Likes to be happy most of the time
Is an expert in not so funny jokes
Makes you laugh
Likes to think she can play the guitar
Wants to be more like Betty Helps you to find your inner Betty



Challenges you to find your inner Betty. What is your dream? What are you passionate about?

What would you do if you don’t have to take others into account?

Josje Smeets is founder of HelloBetty. She helps you in finding your inner Betty. She trains you towards true Happiness. In life, work, education and more.

Josje helps out companies to ensure that all owners, managers and co-workers love their job. She helps managers to approach their co-workers in terms of individual talents and strenghts. She helps co-workers to improve those talents. She helps to match different types of personalities to perform as a winning team.

Happy people are more socialized, energetic, flexible, productive, successful, healthy and inventive. They even live longer.

And, above all this, you tend to be even happier when you put effort in it.

So, why wouldn’t you?

Please drop us a line if you like to get in touch.