Looking for an inspiring speaker for your (business) event? Ask HelloBetty.

Talks about happiness or leadership will give you or your company a mental boost.

Josje makes science understandable. She takes you on an active journey through the world of psychology and happiness. Even during the lectures itself you will be triggered to think and practice. You immediately discover what impact happiness hormones have on your brain. It’s all about the mindset.

Everyone can be happy!

Besides lectures Josje Smeets (Happiness Psychologist) trains management teams. Learn how to coach your team towards happiness and a healthy work attitude.

Or what about an interactive Happiness Workshop? In 60 minutes time I’ll take you on a challenging ride. You learn about Positive Psychology and how to apply this to reach happiness at work and in life. Hop aboard!

Employee training, psychological team building sessions, mental fitness consultation hours; the possibilities are endless.

You can even choose to ask HelloBetty to become your companies’ Happiness Officer. With 1 simple goal in mind; to increase the employees’ wellbeing and to minimalize absenteeism and turnover.

Look at bettyatwork for more info or drop me a line when you’re interested in a meet and greet.