Happiness Psychologist


I’m a Happiness Psychologist.

Say what?

Yes, surely I am. I am Josje Smeets. I’m a psychologist who helps you in your search for happiness. Who doesn’t want a stressfree life? Live the life of your dreams? Be succesful?

On this site Betty (Boop) represents true happiness. Happiness lies within yourself. Everyone has a Betty inside who cannot wait to get out. A Betty who doesn’t take others’ opinions into account.

How would you feel to say hello to your inner Betty? To be your true self? To do the work you want to do? And above all that: to exactly know what you want?

And that’s the crux of the matter. What do you WANT? What DRIVES you? Who is your Betty?

As being a specialist in Happiness I know that you can learn to be happy. It’s all about your mindset. You can learn how to get your inner Betty out and let her shine. I wanna share this knowledge with you.


First, I share a lot of topics about happiness and psychology through my blog. From december 2018 onwards you can also read my newest blogs on WendyOnline.nl, Bedrock.nl, WorkJuice.nl and WijLimburg.nl.

Second, I can help you by being your personal psychologist or coach. When you feel stuck at work or studies you can ask me for help as a career coach (bettyatwork) of (bettyatschool)(Is this it? Why am I doing this job/study? Is this the career I had in mind? I can’t seem to make any progress. What choices are best for my future life?) 

When you experience struggles in your personal life, like relationships (This will never work out or Help; my partner is cheating on me) or love (I’ll never find a man),  I also can help you out in search for happiness (bettyathome).

Next to that, I’m specialised in coaching millennials. You, as being part of generation Y, have all the choices in the world. So many different ways to be successful. And that’s exactly the problem. Where to go? What to choose? Let me help you, click on millennial-coaching for more info.

You can ask for help individually but you can also ask your employer. Lots of bosses are more than willing to cooperate and invest in your personal development, to make sure they can keep a talent like you aboard!

Finally, you can hire me as an inspiring speaker at your event. So much to say about Happiness. I can’t wait to share this with you!

Please send me a message for more information or a meet and greet. In person I can better explain how I can help you towards happiness. And since we’re meeting anyway, why not have a latte on the side.