Betty at work

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Breath in, breath out. Today you gonna rock your office. Today you’ll boss up.

Or isn’t it that easy?

Maybe Betty can help you out.

HelloBetty helps employees and managers to optimize their happiness at work ánd in their private life. HelloBetty offers one to one coaching and group training led by Happiness Psychologist Josje Smeets. She is a motivator pur sang. She helps when everything is not going as smoothly as wished for.

But preferably HelloBetty helps out companies even before co-workers feel less satisfied. She helps to prevent stress and burn-out by keeping co-workers and their management happy and motivated.  Which will keep turnover rates and levels of absenteeism low.

Humor is a very important aspect of this coaching and things will be a little different than you’re prepared for. You will not find standarized training programs at HelloBetty. Let’s make this something to enjoy!

One to one coaching is meant to keep co-workers happy and prevent them to be bored or worse; stressed. This coaching program is of course tailor-made but above all very practical and hands-on. Also managers can be coached on an individual level to gain insight in how to keep your co-workers happy in the long run. Coaching can take place in a meeting room at your office, but also while jogging in the park, or while watching Netflix at home etc. You decide!

Group training will only be efficient if the content of the training matches the personalities of the trainees. Josje makes sure this is the case before starting a training program. There will be different training programs for different employees or managers with one goal in mind: to increase the co-workers happiness and the company’s results.

Fun is the key element of this Group Training. Learning by playing, experiencing, doing.

During a 1 to 1 talk I’m more than happy to inform you about the possibilities.

It’s all about Psychology.


Josje Smeets can advise your company at many more levels to improve your working conditions.

She helps you to use your brain to the fullest. She can help you to enhance your creative mind, since creative thinking is essential in a modern and winning organization. As are creative environments.

Be creative. Create your winning team.

Do you wanna find out how Betty can help you at work? Lets drink a coffee soon. Click here for more info or a meet and greet.