Betty at school

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You’re young and the world lies at your feet.


Why looking out for your inner Betty? You can even teach Betty in how to be happy.



Sometimes you have trouble in finding the right study that is perfectly fit for you.

Sometimes you did find that dream study, but once you graduated you feel completely lost. Now what? How will I ever find a job that matches my preferences and personality?

Or you’re still studying and it’s not working out as expected. You encounter difficulties. Study related or personal.

Maybe you’re just facing this huge Quarterlife Crisis.

HelloBetty helps out students and young adults in all thinkable ways.

Happiness Psychologist Josje Smeets will help you out. She is working for years now as a teacher Psychology and Communication in higher education. She teaches, trains and mentors students with passion. She brings out the Betty in all of them.

She has experience in and connection to business life as well. Therefore, she can also help you to bridge the gap between school and work.

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