Betty at home

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You are that kind of person that doesn’t need an alarm to wake you in the morning.

You get out of bed early. You jump in your sports outfit to go out for your daily morning run. But first, coffee.

After your run you sit down to have breakfast with your kids, have a lovely family moment and after a quick shower you drop them off at school.

With a clear mind you start your exciting job. You can't wait.

Sounds familiar? If not, welcome to this website. Take a piece of chocolate (yes, you may) and continue reading.

It’s time to welcome Betty in your home.

You don’t feel that high in your energy. Reasonable, but not super fit.

Are you happy? Ah well, maybe you’ll rate your life with a ‘seven’. It’s ok. Time goes by.

Of course the cause of ‘not being happy ‘can be serious. You have feelings of depression or worse. Luckily, we have a lot of excellent professionals in our city and country to help you out.

But when the cause of ‘not being happy’ isn’t that easy to pin down (I don’t knów why I feel this way), you probably won’t reach out for help.

Love issues or lack of love is something you discuss with your girlfriends. Or keep to yourself.

Same for money related problems. Or troubles in finding balance between work and your private life. Or sticking to that damn diet.

From the outside, you’re life turned out pretty well. But it doesn’t feel that way. Not at all even.

With all these problems HelloBetty can help you. Happiness Psychologist Josje Smeets will work with you to find the right path in an inspiring way. A way that suits you. We can lie down on your couch eating crisps and watching Netflix if that’s what you prefer. Or we go out for a jog in the park. You decide.

Josje holds up a mirror against your thoughts and behavior, helps you with filling in practical assignments and gives you homework. She will help you to set clear limits when necessary. She will help you in finding fulfilment in life.

In short: She will help you to find your inner Betty! The only way is up!


She will make you work hard. Hands on ladies and gentlemen; go go go!

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